Articole (Publications)

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    Met opmerkingen [CB1]: The English translations seem to be missing specialists from the autoimmune field, in Romania.
    Cuadrado, M Khamashata, 2011, Oral presentation EULAR Congress, London, UK: Significance of hyperintensity lesions on brain MRI in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome.
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Carti (Booklets/Brochures)

  1. ATLAS de imunofluorescenta indirecta, partea I, in pregatire ( An Indirect Immunofluorescence ATLAS part I , with laboratory pattern from ANA Hep2, monkey oesophagus and Crithidia Luciae - under construction )

Proiecte (Projects)

  1. Dr. Lelia Mirela Hagiu, Intervention Research and Clinical Trials – Erasmus Winter Programme, Holland ( January 2009)
  2. Dr Lelia Mirela Hagiu, EULAR Training Bursary –London, UK, June-November 2009, Lupus Center- Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital
  3. Dr Andreea Alexandru, 2020, Central Laboratory Study: Under 80% of SARS CoV-2 infected peoples present detectable autoantibodies. (PDF)

Conferinte Nationale (Conferences)

  1. Conferinta Nationala de Medicina de Laborator cu abordare multidisciplinara, ed I, 2022, Bucuresti (National Conference of Medical Laboratory- multidisciplinary approach, Ed I, 2022 et Bucharest, Romania)
  2. Conferinta Nationala a Socientati de Alergologie si Imunologie Clinica- SRAIC, 2023, Bucuresti (National Conference of SRAIC, 2023 et Bucharest, Romania)
  3. Conferinta Nationala a Asociatiei de Medicina de Laborator-AMLR, 2023, Timisoara (Medical Congresse of AMLR with international participation 2023 at Timisoara, Romania)