What is EASI?

EASI is the abbreviation of “European Autoimmunity Standardisation Initiative”.
The non-profit organization EASI was established with the goal of improving the situation in autoimmune diagnostics, mostly by education of clinicians and laboratory staff and by improving the communication between the laboratory and clinicians [Wiik et al, Lupus (2006) 15:391-396; Shoenfeld et al, Ann NY Acad Sci (2007) 1109:138-144].

Although initially standardization was one of the goals of EASI, the focus has shifted to harmonization by establishing consensus on routine procedures in laboratories, including recommendations regarding reporting of test-results to facilitate the interpretation by the clinician [Damoiseaux, AutoImmun Highlights (2020) 11:4].

EASI focusses majorly on rheumatic / systemic autoimmune diseases as the diagnostic situation is particularly complex in this area. However, incidentally also organ-specific autoimmune diseases are increasingly covered because similar auto-antibody related issues are encountered [Damoiseaux et al, Clin Chem Lab Med (2018) 56:1620-1623].


EASI is an independent organization based on voluntary participation by the members. The board consists of 3-4 persons from different countries. Board-membership is appointed in the Forum-meetings for 3 years, with the option for one extension of another 3 years.

Currently about 20 countries have established a National EASI team, composed of laboratory specialists and clinical specialists. Their goal is a national network and collaboration to improve the autoimmune diagnostics in the respective countries.

The national EASI teams select 1-2 members to be part of the international EASI group, the EASI Forum. At the Forum meetings current projects are discussed and new international projects are decided on. The EASI Forum keeps regular contact and is very open for collaboration with other organizations involved in auto-antibody standardization/harmonization. There is a close collaboration with the International Consensus on ANA Patterns (ICAP). In addition, EASI organizes a session dedicated to the goals of EASI at the bi-annual International Congress on Autoimmunity and the Dresden Symposium on Autoantibodies.

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Support by the diagnostic industry

Internationally as well as nationally, Thermo Fisher Scientific used to support EASI by, e.g., organizing and enabling meetings. Thermo Fisher Scientific was originally part of the team that established EASI [Damoiseaux et al, Clin Chem Lab Med (2018) 56:1620-1623], but never had any influence on content or discussions of the EASI groups. In 2022, Thermo Fisher Scientific stopped any direct support of EASI, but agreed on still supporting the initiative by educational funds whenever necessary to continue the work of EASI. Such funding is not limited to Thermo Fisher Scientific.