EASI at Conferences

Every year, the EASI Forum organizes alternating conference sessions at the International Congress of Autoimmunity (ICA) and the Dresden Symposium on Autoantibodies.

The aim is to share and discuss experiences made in the EASI Forum and the EASI National Teams.

Topics of EASI sessions
•    Systemic Sclerosis  (September 2019 in Dresden)
•    Myositis (May 2018 in Lisbon)
•    EASI – current projects (September 2017 in Dresden)
•    ANCA (2016 in Leipzig)
•    Celiac Disease (2015 in Dresden)
•    Rheumatoid Arthritis (2014 in Nice)
•    Antinuclear Antibodies (2013 in Dresden)
•    ANCA (2012 in Granada)
•    Rheumatoid Arthritis (2011 in Dresden)
•    Antinuclear Antibodies (2010 in Ljubljana)
•    What is EASI? (2008 in Porto)