The Israelian EASI Team is one of the younger member of the EASI network. It was founded in January, 2010 but it is a very active group.

EASI – Israel projects for 2010-2011:

(I) ANA evaluation in Israel:

  1. Evaluation of different automated system and ELISA tests compared with IFA utilizing Israeli sera.
  2. Evaluation of different methods for anti-dsDNA antibodies determination.
  3. Evaluation of different algorithms used in Israel for ANA.
  4. Implantation of the Dutch questionnaire for laboratory detection of ANA in Israel.
  5. Creating the Israeli algorithm for ANA evaluation.

(II) Israel “Referral sera” for standardization of serological tests
      – a collection of serial clinically well defined samples.  

(III) Education:

  1. A course in immunofluorescence techniques for Lab personnel.  
  2. EASI-Israel on serological tests for physicians.